Have we met? This TV Interview reveals some of what you can expect from me and why I do what I do.

Talking Claustrophobia to Cancer, Self Worth to Self Abundance. With 'Our Time' hosts Malcolm and Janice.

Hypnotherapy & the mind/body/spirit connection in Sonya's Naturopathic Services.

29th May 2019

Sonya is a Holistic & Intuitive Naturopathic Practitioner

Specializing in healing of the physical body and life experience through

Improving the mind- body - spirit (sense of self) links to existing problems 


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"I look forward to meeting you at one of my events or talking with you directly on a call. 

It is a great way to discover if we are a great fit and my aim is to help you right off the bat, with clarity and some take away value."

Sonya's consultations combine 20 years of practice and expertise in Naturopathic knowledge and Intuitive skill.


Sonya helps you get the heart of the matter. 

Provides the information, formula's and step by step system to change your life.

Hypnotherapy; mind/body/spirit 

I love speaking with Sonya. Sonya’s insight is powerful and spot on. She helps me to pull myself back onto the path I' want to be on and keep going, especially when I want to throw it all in, but secretly longing for the success (which she knows). Sonya, thank you. xxx


Thank You Sonya!!

I had a wonderful sleep. I'm feeling really well. Thanks so much for your insight. I thought I had a ball of anger and bitterness in my Liver which was causing me distress and shame!!


Knowing now that it is all my walled off joy and love makes so much sense. It is so liberating. Thank you soooo much Sonya. My sessions with you have been lifechanging!!


You are an amazing woman! I'm so blessed to know you.

.I've been to many healers but I've never felt a shift like this, ever!


Lots of love to you, D.James 2017

Underlying Problems

  • From wart growths in young and old, inside and outside the body

  • Viruses that hang around creating many different painful symptoms. 

  • Embarrassing and unseen conditions

  • To the noisy and physically obvious respiratory coughs skin lesions.

  • And of course the Allergies, Inflammation and Cancerous Conditions.

You name it...there is always the underlying systems and pillars that support our wellness that are bending under pressure

 You need the right help,

The right formula

The right simple step by step system to follow.

Working with your needs

Your specific needs, and goals are what matters! 

  • Perhaps you are looking to have a good prognosis and positive results for your upcoming tests or surgery.

  • Or you want to recover from recent procedures or events, stronger and fitter than before.

  • Or just get those aggravating, embarrassing and  recurring symptoms eased.

  • Sick and tired of getting through the day with anxiety and other unwanted habits.

  • Sonya provides a safe and confidential environment to uncover what Holistic Naturopathic Wellness has to offer you, and help you achieve your goals.