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For the mind and the soul.

In Business and Personal success, experience the difference of no longer"fighting" you way through.

Is hypnotherapy for you? Will it work? How long will it take? All this and more is answered in the free class.

How Clear Suffocation Money Patterns, before they suck the life out of your business.


Turn Endless Business Inspiration and 'That great plan' that until now you've never built


Into Being Paid for Being you, the easy and permanent Way, in as little at 30 days.

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Medical Intuitve, Naturopathic Journey


Working as a Medical Intuitive,  Sonya takes you on an exciting and liberating journey, linking your health in body, mind and spirit. 

When you there is more to your health challenges, than the body alone. Sonya will help you unlock the unconscious reasons tied to your health conditions, no matter where that originates, the pattern is always visible. 

Sonya Opens her appointments to new customers several times a year,. Where you can join in with a Free connection Event, where you may choose to apply to work together for a 3mth or 12mth period.

YES, I would like to connect and be apart of the next Open Bookings: CLICK HERE


Intuitive Hypnotherapy Personal Coaching:

For your business, health, personal growth, or relationship journey. 

No matter where you start...all these areas are linked and form your journey. 

If you're ready to deal with whatever comes up for you to achieve your goals. Then just may be exactly what you need. To clear out the old and embrace your strength, permissions, and individuality. To feel great again.

White Branch


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Dean Mortimer

The most 'In Touch' practitioner I have ever been to.



Kat Greer

When I first met Sonya i was overwhelmed with gut issues, depression, anxiety, stress and confusion of what to do to help my problems.

I've seen so many doctors and practitioners over the years and felt as if my health problems never really went away. they would always come back with vengeance.......


I'm so grateful to be on this journey with Sonya and highly recommend that if you're ready to make a breakthrough, then Sonya is ready to guide you through that process.

K. Greer

What Clients Are Saying


For the first time in my life I finally got solid clarity on all my health issues. I have been to so many healers and no one could tell me exactly what's happening in my body. Not only did Sonya point out where the exact issues are happening in my body, she provided me with a plan to heal. I am so blessed I found her. SO BLESSED!