About Sonya Lee

Sonya has worked and lived as a Natural Health Coach since the completion of her Naturopathic Studies in 1998.

Working and growing with her business through great times and personally testing times. (we all have them don't we?)

Having experienced Chronic fatigue at 20, and living with a rundown energy system until 23 when I finally began to change my lifestyle as a student of Naturopathy, I sought medical advice initially as I intuitively new ongoing glandular swelling was not leading to anything good, (plus I was falling asleep during study) I was informed by the GP that I would just have to live with it.


Fortunately I did not heed that advise and followed my gut instincts to a better solution. I looked elsewhere, and sought treatment from a Naturopath - this turned my energy levels and from here I focused on the mental and emotional truths in myself I had been ignoring.


One of the strongest and repeated lessons life has taught me is that there is always a way, always an answer. Your just need to know where to look and how to listen. And Persistence in finding the right help for you is key.

I had another major health event at about 26, an abnormal pap smear, which turned out to be stage 4 cancer change - so final pre-cancer stage. On consulting the hospital physician he decided the best option was for me to return in a few months when I would have full blown cancer cell change, and to do an invasive procedure.

Again I followed my instincts for a more satisfactory solution. So off I went again to see my Naturopath, I also addressed underlying emotional links. On returning to my scheduled appointed hospital check,  my perplexed physician now said ..."It appears to be healing?" he never looked at me directly through this part of the consultation, never asked what I was up to,  and I acknowledged he didn't want to engage in any conversation about how I was addressing my health.


With great interest, I returned in 6 months as requested, to a complete clear bill of health. 

My love of Herbal medicines and the impact of supporting our body and life changes through addressing the mind and emotions and spiritual links, has been the base of my clinical success.

Over the years I have employed and developed a number of treatment programs, synergistic formulas and methods to help people heal themselves and reach their goals. 


Every persons needs and goals are different. so the health coaching I use is unique to your needs.

I have experienced over my years how important and primary our state of mind and emotional connections to creating any change in life, especially physical. So this is fundamental in my practice, with more Naturopathic supports available for a fuller wellness program.

Sonya Lee is a multi generation Mother. Having her first born at 26 and her twins at 41. And knows the  difficulty of balancing her professional life, life passion, business, motherhood and relationships with the everlasting journey of personal growth and conscious awareness, and simply taking care of yourself.

Finding the right mentor or coach for you, who has been where you are and has reached the understanding, clarity and state of wellness you want for yourself is key.

"My life has been so colourful, so full of different stages, and every time I'm ready to move on, the prefect coach, mentor, teacher presents herself."