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Meet Your Instructor

Sonya Lee is a business, health, and spiritual coach with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Her life’s goal is helping people like you who need spiritual and personal guidance in their life through Intuitive Coaching. She effortlessly unites natural psychic, intuitive sight, Naturopathy, and Hypnotherapy to provide the guidance for you to all your life problems. She offers highly practical tools that will help you turn around your life and realize your true potential!

I help people take the confusion out of 'what is happening to them'. and provide clear steps to achieving their outcomes.

My greatest skill is helping people hone in on the body zone, emotional experience, or locked-in belief system that is holding them back, 'right now" from the attaining of their goal, or hidden in their illness.

In 1998, I became a Professional Intuitive Practitioner, helping individuals, like yourself, to heal their ailments, clear their minds, be empowered by their emotions, and enhance their spiritual connection.


Although these sound like 'separate' experiences, most often they are not. 

"Sometimes the slow way to a better outcome is only slow or laborious because we actually believe it should be."

In this way I have also helped committed business owners take leaps in their growth and profit, by helping them make the changes they were avoiding/dreading or confused about, and turning this around to feeling great about implementing the support and changes they needed. 

"Afterexperiencing the difference a Professional Intuitive Practitioner can make. You too may want to have the benefits of joining Sonya's transformation programs."


I was fortunate enough to find a great Spiritual teacher, when I was 27, after years of window shaking, spiritual visitors and other worldly activity through the evenings,  I discovered the need for someone who truly understood the world as I experienced it, especially after the birth of my first son when finding the time to process and digest much of the information I was receiving became limited.

Once again, the universe responded quickly. The day after I clearly realized my need for a teacher of 'knowing' and experience, I was introduced to a student of Rosie Penn. My journey with Rosie continued for about 20 years until she stopped teaching at about 103years of age, some time ago now. Although, in honesty, my connection with her continues and I treasure these moments.

Although I have many stories of how I may feel, see or sense the body of emotional disruption, physical disorder or mental and spiritual dis-ease with any presenting condition or goal a client may have. It is the organizing of these imbalances into their priority that helps them move forward with greater ease. 

"Some physical conditions are indeed largely physical in the cause, but the key organ or traveling pathway (blood/nerves, etc) that needs the help to unlock the health improvement has been missed. Other times, physical improvement can come instantaneously with the right emotional load released."

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What clients are sayinng

For the first time in my life I finally got solid clarity on all my health issues. I have been to so many healers and no one could tell me exactly what's happening in my body. Not only did Sonya point out where the exact issues are happening in my body, she provided me with a plan to heal. I am so blessed I found her. SO BLESSED!


What Clients Are Saying

Sonya has not only improved my health, she has changed my life. During my sessions with Sonya, I have become a much stronger person, both physically and emotionally.

I think one of the most important changes Sonya has instigated, is I now feel empowered to make decisions that affect my life.

I recommend Sonya to my family and friends without hesitation, and I cant speak highly enough of her and her techniques.

Thank You Sonya 

Debra Lloyd- Hove