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NDIS Specific Support

Providing Dietetric and Counselling support, specifically created for NDIS clients, who are Self-Managed or Plan Managed.

Every one deserves the opportunity for experience and successful practitioners.

Sonya provides 2 days a week to NDIS specific clients.

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NDIS Support Coordinator & Client information

Dear NDIS support coordinator.


I offer my services specific to NDIS support services for clients in need of  a Dietary support  and /or Counselling as described below.



Dietetic support: Dietition Consultation and Diet Plan Development

item number: 12_025_0128_3_3

Fee: $193.99 per hour


My formal training as a Naturopath, enables me to specifically focus on Dietary support,  planning and management. 


I am especially well equipped to assist with the difficulties and complications of associated gut conditions (such as coeliac, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerance) and medically associated conditions impacting dietary needs (such as diabetes 1 and 2). 

Associated anxiety type conditions that impact gut health, can also be addressed with the support of the counselling I provide. For example, those suffering phobias, social issues or trauma, can experience regular and very aggressive gut related reactions to their increased stress levels, such a state can lead to ongoing chronic dietary needs to help, but will also benefit from the counselling I am able to offer if desired.


With my vast knowledge and experience in this area, programs and support can be made simple and into easy to follow steps to meet the needs and desired outcomes of the client.




item no: 15_043_0128_1_3

Fee: 156.16 per hour


Provision to a participant of support to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the optimal development of personal resources, to help the participant work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives.


Counselling is a formal part of my Professional qualifications. I have been counselling clients in respect to their personal difficulties, living challenges, illnesses, disabilities and death, for over 20years. In my role of Naturopathy and counselling services. Over 50% of my business is made up of counselling support, with out practical health supports.


Helping clients ease their frustrations, fears, anxieties of their current circumstances and focus on what is possible, and achievable for them right now and into the future, and making the most of their lives as they are, wherever possible. For many this also means using relaxation methods, that leave them feeling lighter, clearer, sleeping better, and with an ability to accept and build positively on their lives.


Service Methods:

I am able to provide in-person consultation service, as well as remote consultation via zoom.

Regular in-person consultations combined with some zoom/remote consultations are often ideal for NDIS clients. These service arrangements are greatly subject to the needs and preferences of the individual client.


Late Cancellation Fees:

The initial service agreement with each client would take into consideration the need for  Late Cancellation Fees, structured according to what is deemed reasonable by NDIS standards.


Travel Fees:

These would apply, as per the time limits recommended by the NDIS (30 mins maximum to and from location) and would include the calculated 0.85cents per kilometre travelled. This is inline with NDIS reasonable recommendations, and will change accordingly with NDIS updates to this recommendation.


Any service agreement would take into consideration the needs of each individual clients circumstances and requirements.

Sonya Lee

ABN: 37 718 640 577

Association Registration: ATMS  (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) no: 9605


I am a fellow of ATMS, having been a member and working in my field since 1998

Professional Qualifications: Naturopathic Diploma, 1998. this involved 5years of training, and was prior this field being a Degree status of learning.


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