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In Business and Personal success, experience the difference of no longer"fighting" you way through.

Is hypnotherapy for you? Will it work? How long will it take? All this and more is answered in the free class.

How Clear Suffocation Money Patterns, before they suck the life out of your business.


Turn Endless Business Inspiration and 'That great plan' that until now you've never built


Into Being Paid for Being you, the easy and permanent Way, in as little at 30 days.

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Medical Intuitve Journey

If you are serious about getting help with the underlying connections to your physical health... You've had enough of beating around the bush...

Working as a Medical Intuitive,  Sonya takes you on an exciting and liberating journey, linking your health in body, mind and spirit. 

Sonya only works with those who know there is more to know, clear, and change than the body alone.


For an in-depth breakthrough session $750.00 (Guaranteed)

or to work with Sonya for 3mth for corrective care. $5000

 book a free discovery call,  with Sonya is taking the next step.

WOW! I feel really good and confident that my claustrophobia has been addressed. I've carried this with me since I was 16 yrs old. I FINALLY addressed this, and I am now 68yrs old. My advice to anyone is DON'T WAIT any longer, it does work. 

Elizabeth 2016

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