Online Program - 

The 40+ Emotional Weight Release Program

Getting to the Heart & Soul of the Matter with Sonya Lee

Begins on 10th April 2018

Massive value, facilitating change in teaching, mentoring and inner mediation/trance work for you to replay and continue to use every day.

Online Program : The 40+ Emotional Weight Release Program

·         Starting10 April, Tuesday .

·         Get great access week by week,

·         Take action and receive this program at great value.

·         Develop your intuition, clear your head, ease emotional body pains and triggers to negative actions.

·         Recorded sessions so you can continue to use the guided sessions each day.

·         Unique to this first program, is weekly live hook ups with Sonya Lee Each Tuesday, where you can interact               answer & ask questions and follow her teaching plus guided meditations.

·         Use this program to propel forward and clear blocks.


·          Money Back Guarantee, if after starting this program you change your mind, for any reason – you have 5 days to cancel from the start of the program, and receive your money back no questions asked.



·         But I am putting a top price of $127.00 

·         BEST OFFER Get in now for one payment of $127.00 

Whats in it for you?

Weekly live hook up with Sonya Lee, connect with your intuitive teacher and healer. Clear and ease body distress, get to the root cause of your body in vibration, break patterns and redo them every day. Lift your vibration, intuition and knowing, to help you achieve and get clear on what you want. Get into the Power Seat of your life. Plus, you have nothing to lose – if for what ever reason, the program is not right for you,  you have a Money Back Guaranteed  for the 5 days from the start of the program!


This program is amazing value, and after so many calls and talks with amazing people, some of who are weighed down with physical exhaustion, fears, guilt, feeling trapped in the past or by the past, or by and caught in the pattern of low vibrations that are also physically distressing.  Daily access to clearing and propelling our thoughts and mental shifts to where we want to be is amazingly powerful.

So Yes, I’ve worked this program with the intent to help you to propel into higher vibration, wellbeing no matter where you are at, we are always expanding and in that expansion is the realisation that we can be and have more.




6 week Program for

The 40+ plus Emotional Weight Release Program.

·         So you’ve lived a lot, loved, hurt, experienced, dropped, picked yourself back up, faced life changes both expected and unexpected…but..


·         Have never been able to let go of that one abuse or event that keeps coming to mind and sits like a heavy weight in your body.

  • Have found yourself over eating, reacting and embracing actions that steer you away from the results you want.

·         Getting up and feeling joy..just seems like something you used to do but your connection to you and your spark is gone.

·         “I just don’t know who I am anymore or what I really believe anymore” After receiving and living with so many mixed messages, knowing your own voice and mind seems a blurr.

·         Experienced some life Big Bang moments, that resulted in years of emotional, mental and physical resilience… and its time to clear the fog and residual deficiency’s or toxicity. This could be any relationship conflicts or changes, court impact, from business, partners, family.

·         And know that you are…knowing what you really want your life to look like and feel…How do you get from the life you’ve been creating to being the vibration of the life you truly desire and deserve now. Breaking habits of thought and living.

·         You are younger than 40 and know that this is the break through you need now. Develop and strengthen your intuition, your true knowing. Be in the Power Seat of your life.

Sonya Lee will be taking you through different areas of body vibration, giving tools and specific meditations to help lift your vibration and practices to facilitate change in your life. This is a chance to explore techniques to help life your mood, understanding, and peace of mind of what it means to be you. While you are part of the program you can continue to listen to and use the recorded sessions from each week, as a daily practice, or as often as you like.  

What We Will Cover?

Topics of teaching and self work (guided meditative practices) include, but are not limited to:

·         Your body in Vibration:  Your Breath,  Heart vibration, truth vs sabotage.

·         Resistance and prosperity

·         Deficiency and toxicity & Abundance and Vitality

·         History, Ancestral Vibrations, Relationships

·         Your life vibrations: See the patterns

·         Your body in emotion

·         Big Moments = Bigger Opportunity

·         Your Body in Spirit, and Source energy: linking to your authentic self

·         Ultimate Power and Love:  Being in the Moment

This would be a great connection and value of coaching and tools at $triple the investment!

But I am putting a top price of $127.00 

 Get in now for one payment of $127.00

Your Guarantee, if after starting this program you change your mind, for any reason – you have 5 days to cancel from the start of the program, and receive your money back no questions asked.

Yes this is amazing value, please sign me up!!

This I am offer to every- one at an amazing price, 6 weeks of sessions, with teachings and accompanying meditation to help bring the emotion and body changes, in a way that you can re-listen to and allow the information to get through the layers and years of programing or resistance to the life you now want.