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Sonya Lee is a business, health, and spiritual coach with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Her life’s goal is helping people like you who need spiritual and personal guidance in their life through Intuitive Therapy. She offers highly practical tools that will help you turn around your life and realize your true potential!

The Power of Intuitive Connections

Transform Your Life in Just 4 Weeks

A Course That Truly Revolutionizes Your Life and Soul!

Welcome to the one-of-its-kind online course that sets out to connect you to your core self!

Personal Coaching Consultant:

Wellness Journey

The wellness journey you've been waiting for that looks at everything and anything connected to your transformation. With the Naturopathic and Hypnotherapy skills to guide you every step of the way.

Following intuition when the facts say otherwise. That's one of the virtues of game-changing leaders.
(from Inc.The Best IN Business)

Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs,and Oprah Winfrey rely on their intuition to make decisions. You can't argue with success.

Full article here

Don’t let the noise of others drown your inner voice

Steve Jobs

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Making That Problem
Something You Used
to Do


Adelaide's 'Our Time' TV Program interviews Medical Intuitive Naturopath and Intuitive Hypnotherapist Sonya Lee
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Making That ProblemSomething You Used to Do

Would you like to know where to start as you are working on yourself right now?

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Sonya Lee




Business & Health Consultant

Experience The Difference

Of a Professional Intuitive Consultant with over 25yrs experience.

"I have been to many healers, but I have never felt  shift like this, ever!"


Business Owner

Sonya effortlessly brings together natural psychic and intuitive sight with over 20 years Naturopathic, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing training


Providing satisfying relief, understanding and the type of personal results that are only possible with the dynamic combination of helping your Mind/Emotions/Psyche within any condition, problem and business growth.

White Branch


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Dean Mortimer

The most 'In Touch' practitioner I have ever been to.



Kat Greer

When I first met Sonya i was overwhelmed with gut issues, depression, anxiety, stress and confusion of what to do to help my problems.

I've seen so many doctors and practitioners over the years and felt as if my health problems never really went away. they would always come back with vengeance.......


I'm so grateful to be on this journey with Sonya and highly recommend that if you're ready to make a breakthrough, then Sonya is ready to guide you through that process.

K. Greer

Simone Flueck

Simone Flueck

Shares her business & personal


Chez Little

How can Intuitive Hypnotherapy impact your journey?
Mrs Little shares the impact of Sonya's consulting on her wellness journey.

The Power of Intuitive Connections
Is the Intuitive Connections Course  you have been waiting for!

For a 4 week, online LIVE & immersive,
personal development & discovery experience

Sonya guides you through specific teachings, group intuitive hypnotherapy sessions and is connected with you through the full 4 weeks.

How You Can Change Your Life With 4 Weeks Welcome to the one-of-its-kind online course that sets out to connect you to your core self!

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Next Course: November 30th  2021
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Sonya Lee will guide & show you..

  1. How to ease pain and increase Guided messages.

  2. How to get the answers for the questions you are asking.

  3. ​How to open your Natural,  Super-Natural senses.

  4. Discover the personal benefit that comes from a group 4 week connection!

  5. Develop, discover and heal using intuitive hypnotherapy.

  6. Explore your world, from chakras, ancestral connections, dreaming states to Divine Guided connections. 

  7. Inspiring your purpose and bringing more love and life into your relationships, health, & business.