Single Power Sessions.. 

  • Sonya offers deeper transformation one on one sessions plus a full day transformation workshop. During this Workshop we focus on your body, the emotions  (joy) and your connection to abundance. 

  • Hypnotherapy and body-mind sessions are all part of

  • Sonya's Holistic Medicine Transformation Program

  • To discover what is right for you, and if we are a great fit: Book in for a call with Sonya.

Hypnotherapy & body/mind Sessions are ideal for: 

  • All forms of Anxiety and related symptoms.

  • Bad habits, 

  • Stop Smoking

  • Weight loss,

  • Unresolved anger, events, emotions or trauma.

  • Where a person has ‘lost control’ of their reaction and response to a thought, person, place or thing.

  • Phobias’

  • Underlying connection to returning body aches and pains

  • Joy/ Health/ Abundance focus


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