Sonya Lee's

Holistic Medicine Transformation Program

This is my One on one consulting practice Program.

I work with those  of you who know there is more going on, that know that if you could just get shift some thinking, feeling and actions, your body will heal faster too.

that you are who you feel on the inside and outside.

And most importantly, that they (you) are in control, and want the formula's and systems to get more wellness  in your body and life experience

Sonya Lee's Holistic Medicine Transformation Program:

 Corrective care: 3 months

Wellness care: 12 months

Am I the right Practitioner, skilled enough, understand your situation, able to help you right now? 

After over 20 years in practice, having had cancer and cleared it naturally over 20 years ago, and other insidious conditions. Plus felt the emotional and physical drain of divorce, court, unexpected changes later in life 

That drained my thyroid and adrenals, my sleep and intuition,,,

Yes, it is possible to thrive, grow and recover..

With the right help,

the right formulas,

and the right steps at the right time.

The KEY to working with me.. you want to change now, are able to follow instructions and watched my class made specifically for you? 









you want the energy to get up in the morning, But don't know where to start.


YOu spend your evenings worrying about what next health or life problem is coming, because your already struggling with the pain you have. 


You waited for years, trying things, following advice of friends and family only to still be scratching at the surface. And want the systems and formula 

Tired of feeling tired all the time, nauseous and eating is just a pain in the gut.

If you're over emotions and thinking that are costing you energy, relationships and money. Continually stopping you in your tracks. (its exhausting right?)

When you've never been the same since...that illness or event, surgery... and you don't want it to control your life anymore.

If waiting to 'feel different'  while doing nothing different to change your situation doesn't make sense to you anymore,


Then Book a Call, for  a new outcome.

The System and Formulas you need.

  • Herbal Medicines, Homeopathy, Nutrition supplements and support,


  • Naturopathic Diagnositics & Clinical Testing – From simple symptomatic care in-house testing,  to Corrective and Wellness care and outsourced testing. 

  • Body balancing services: Hypnotherapy. Body Balancing techniques: Auricular therapy (ear acupunture). Scenar, Acupressure. Holistic health connections (thoughts, emotion, belief, body connections related to any presenting condition).  Meditative Healing Therapies.

When I first met Sonya I was overwhelmed with gut issues, depression, anxiety, stress and confusion of what to do to help my problems. I've seen so many doctors and practitioners over the years and felt as if my health problems never really went away. They would always come back with vengeance.

I felt I needed to address my health concerns at a differnet level. What if my issues were not only in the physcial body but also in the emotional and mental body? As soon as I met Sonya I knew I'd found hope. I've been working with Sonya for about 6 months now and I've been blown away by the habits I've created throughout my life which have not been in support of myself or the beautiful, vibrant, healthy life I want to live. I've broken through soe massive structural habits which have changed the way I see myself and those around me. I'm so grateful to be on this journey with Sonya and highly recommend that if you're ready to make  a breakthrough then Sonya is ready to guide you through that process.

K. Greer

"The first and best step is to book a call. Here you can tell me your problems and  I will help you. This is a Free Discovery Call valued at $495.00

At the end of our 45mins, if iI know I can help you, we can talk about the best way to work together. 

Getting Started
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IT is not the condition that is the greatest challenge. 


It is the person, 

It is the person, that solves the next step, takes the action, follows the thought, creates the emotion which is uplifting and throws out the old heavy one,

The uplifting emotion which creates the feeling and hormones, that floods the body with instruction and leads it further down the river....of possibility. 

And most of this is set to REPLAY in the first 10 seconds of waking... Until the day We decide, Enough of that, Today I am open to something new.

If Today is your day, I welcome you to join my next class and take my knowledge and formula to having the energy and belief in living you need right now, 



Sonya Lee