When it comes to Business we love it ..Until we Hate it

When it comes to Business we love it ..Until we Hate it..all the new software, ongoing learning, feeling alone, unsupported, uninspired - this is the business death trap. Marketing systems going haywire...changing their rules, computer crashes. Rushes of business, and then crickets...So how can you control the CHAOS.

3 Chaos Creation Beliefs in business

I'm always behind the game

It hits me (blindsides me) every time.

There is nothing I can do about it...ever..

There's no good support out there.

They all want something for nothing...

Yes, I threw in a few more...just for you..because you'll always get more that you expect from me (you get the idea, right?)

Lets get clear.. If you are resonating with these or other Chaos Creation Beliefs. They will show up in your business, your messaging and your life...with out you even noticing...until you do..

Business Intuitive Integration - Matters!!!


Sonya Lee

Stay in the Game! Feel good doing it!

Business Intuitive Integration Coaching

For Your Business Success!

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