My Biggest Lesson for Success

The Biggest Lesson I Ever Learnt in Business...

A little memory moment...Stay Inspired!

YES - I got coaching to get me off the ground

YES - I was committed to coaching and mentors to take me from 7k a month to 18K..

MY Mistake - Was to have NO support in place when I got there...

Stay supported no matter where you are in your Business Growth and Abundance journey!

Remember Coaches - Coaches need coaches:

If your here, you most likely already know this, right?

Just to be clear - at no point did I think I no longer needed coaching support -

So how did I end up with no support? No group or my 1-1 coach who understood my Business growth and kept me on track and connected to my journey...

Like all businesses, the coaching group I was part of grew, evolved, changed hands, and disappeared ... I was so busy 'doing' I forgot to put energy into setting up and adapting to a new coaching support system.... until it was too late - I lost, focus, direction and purpose, I had outgrown where I was and had no vision for the future...bad mistake!

Business Intuit Fit Coaching will keep you in the game!

As you grow, evolve, and spread your wings, Your Way.


Sonya Lee

Stay in the Game! Feel good doing it!

Business Intuitive Integration Coaching

For Your Business Success!

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