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Sonya Lee is a Health & Business Practitioner, with 25 years experience, 

Who specializes in incorporating hypnotherapy  to help her clients make sense of  what they are experiencing, 

Revealing the cause behind their problems, and enabling them to change their minds focus,  improve emotional reactions and support healthy body changes.

With results that are often felt immediately.

For the mind and the soul.

In Business and Personal success, experience the difference of no longer"fighting" you way through.

Is hypnotherapy for you? Will it work? How long will it take? All this and more is answered in the free class.


Business Intuit Fit 



HypnotherapyFor Living Change

For the mind and the soul.

In Business and Personal Success, experience the difference of no longer"fighting" your way through.

Is Intuitive hypnotherapy for you? Will it work? How long will it take? All this and more is answered in the free class. How does it help with my business and personal problems?

How Clear Suffocation Money Patterns, before they suck the life out of your business.


Activate Inspiration and 'That great plan' that until now you've never built


Strengthen your Intuitive Business Knowing,  in as little as 30 days.

Some help right now

Business Coaching, the affordable way to get you to your first 10K!

Simran's Business Coaching Breakthrough

“Business Intuitive Fit Coaching" is the secret weapon that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to achieve success in business and in life. Sonya Lee's unique one on one coaching was incredibly valuable to help me stay focused, on track while solving my biggest problems.  Most business owners, like myself, get stuck trying to figure out things on our own and waste lots of time. Sonya gave me clarity and solved all of the issues that were blocking my business from succeeding. What I love most about working with Sonya is her incredible business insight for sharing strategies that I never thought of and her sincere compassion and commitment to help her clients succeed. She is 'one of a kind' in the business coaching world and truly magical! 

-  John Formica, The “Ex-Disney Guy”, America’s Customer Experience Speaker and Coach.

What Clients Are Saying

WOW! I feel really good and confident that my claustrophobia has been addressed. I've carried this with me since I was 16 yrs old. I FINALLY addressed this, and I am now 68yrs old. My advice to anyone is DON'T WAIT any longer, it does work. 

Elizabeth 2016

Intuitive Connections Course

For a 4 week, virtual & immersive,
personal development & discovery experience

Sonya guides you through specific teachings, group intuitive hypnotherapy sessions and is connected with you through the full 4 weeks.

How You Can Change Your Life With 4 Weeks Of Living Hypnotherapy

Starting:  October 12th  2021
Early Bird Value! Book now before 21st September.
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Sonya Lee will guide & show you..

  1. How to trust yourself.

  2. How to make the connection between your mind and your body.​

  3. How to uncover the information your senses/symptoms are revealing.

  4. Discover the personal benefit that comes from a group 4 week connection!

  5. Develop, discover and heal using intuitive hypnotherapy.

Bookings are now OPEN
Early Bird Bookings $450.00
Strictly to 21st September 2021
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