More Energy Please!

May 17, 2017

More Energy Please !!

Life is full of challenges and changes. The endless search for more energy is one most of  us face at some time. Find your right support to lead you where you want to be. Sounds pretty logical right?


Find the mentor whose been where you've been and had challenges and now has the tools, to help you get to where you want to be. Whether its in business, wealth, health, life or relationships, the formula is the same.


Source that person you can  connect with that has the tools or information you need right now. Not just the physical know how but the state of mind and self that you want and need to succeed.

One of the biggest underlying problems I experience from clients and friends is the endless search for More Energy.


So here's a little tip on saving our adrenals.

I am sharing this with you so you can hear you instant objections and story to this pattern. If you can listen to your responses, even see how your body shifts in position to reject or accept. do you lean in " I want more of that!" or do you move away "that's no possible for me"


It is our minds that stop us having what we say we want, unconscious and often conscious thinking and established values that keep us "stuck" until,,,that one moment or event or person connects to us... and everything changes.


So here's a little tip: and please take note of you

Perfect stillness ---> Balance -----> Action & Creation -----> REPEAT


Perfect stillness: is all about the ME moment. (your truth, your space, your stillness, your voice and quiet beyond daily distractions)

Balance: Giving and recieving in all that you do, in the moment, at home at work, in relationships, observing and conscious of imbalances, gratefullness ----->

Action & Create: Take action to enhance your passion, your work, your goals. Action to bring balance where there is lack of balance.

REPEAT: Perfect stillness : Balance and observe (enjoy the moment): Action/create


Stop ACTIONING without thought of balance and self connection


The birds will still sing if you take time out, in fact you'll probably hear them.

The washing can wait, the kids will get fed.

They will be resourceful and find their lost toy or remote without you,

They may even learn how to work the washing machine :) - now there's an idea..

Find your balance, so your family and friends can calmly step into theirs.


I'm here to help

I would love to hear your comments on my blogs and coming Ebook. And if you want to work with me, send me a line, email, inbox me and we can chat.

Sonya Lee



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