Remembering what was forgotten!

July 27, 2017






What if, you could store your pain and memories until the appropriate moment that you were equipped to deal with them??


What if, when that moment comes, when that memory or nudge of an emotion returns to remind you that “it’s time” to look, learn and transform a difficult or uncomfortable experience  from your life… What if, when that moment comes, that you decide "hmm this makes me uncomfortable", maybe I’ll look and think on this later…what if as months, years pass this memory  and feeling of discomfort becomes deeply embedded, grows in intensity and begins to vibrate through your actions and body changing good health into not so happy health…


How do you forget your pains or memories and happenings that make you uncomfortable??

there are great methods to avoid the "uncomfortable" that is awake in us, perhaps drinking alcohol at the end of the day to quiet the mind. Mind numbing  hours of T.V. Using a number of  prescription or non-prescription drugs, helps slow the mind and disconnect the intrusion of "uncomfortable" knocking and wanting you to pay attention. Perhaps eating too much or doing excessive activities. Staying busy.


We all have mastered ways to delay giving "uncomfortable" the time of day.



I want to share with you a significant moment in my life when I learnt how to forget...


I was 15 when I remember experiencing and being amazed by the art of forgetting…

I was at high school at the time, walking down a school corridor, there was no one around, just the stillness of the afternoon, the corridors were quiet and I was walking toward an adjacent corridor that was all glass and the blue sky and sunshine was clearly visible, and in moment of stillness my memory as a 9 year old came flooding back, clear as day, as if it had never left me.


My first thought and feeling was of amazement, amazed at the ability of my mind, my- self able to remove a memory so completely and in an unsuspecting moment bring it back in its entirety .

I recall thinking - " well, where have you been?" while being so completely full of gratitude. Gratitude for my younger self being saved from this memory.


To me this was almost magical, and in that moment I was also grateful as my wish as a nine year old had been granted. I had prayed and asked  God to take this memory away because I couldn't deal with this right now. I had decided not to share my secret. The sexual abuse I experienced, the violation of trust occurred at a time and in such a manner that I didn’t think my mother was able to handle this information in her life at this time, and support from my father never even entered my thoughts as an option.


So As a nine year old, I remember sitting in the car, making a very clear decision as to how I was going to respond, my choice was to say nothing and ask god to take the memory and pain away because I could not respond to it at that time. I only now recall that over the following days  the sadness and pain disappeared from my thoughts completely.


So now I was 15 and in awe of having a moment of clear recall. Over the following years I would observe and learn many things about the workings of the mind and body, as I would feel my body shake when near this person. I had no mental control over the violation my body had clear memory of.

My fascination, observation and learning of the mind body and spirit connection as we grow and move through life has been life long. This is just one clear and outstanding connection within me that helped set off a life time of learning.


Valuing healing and learning through Remembering and sitting with "uncomfortable"


Every part of our body stores memory and has the ability to recall to us what we need to remember to gain healing. Perhaps you are healing your health, your mind, your body or your innate sense of spirit and life connection, Healing or transforming in your life will always come with memory and learning entwined.


Sometimes sitting with the "uncomfortable" in you can be hard, The closer you are to popping that bubble of forgotten love and self can be the most difficult point.


But what if "uncomfortable" was your door to freedom, more energy in that organ or body system, contentment, What if sitting with "uncomfortable" was  a big exhale.

Gaining more energy and healing means letting go and sitting with what is "uncomfortable"  in that area of you.


In my personal experiences, sitting with, acting on and doing that which is most uncomfortable, has lead to experiencing the greatest moments of unexpected self love, spiritual connections and elation.


So for me "uncomfortable" can still be "uncomfortable' but my belief is of it as a messenger, like an arrow pointing to a source of untapped energy and resources.


I hope you've enjoyed my article and perhaps today you find just 2 minutes sit in gratefulness for you, even if it's uncomfortable to start with :)


Sonya Lee







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