Taken One step forward and now feel worse than ever??

June 12, 2018

Did you know that Anxiety and Emotional Weight can be the cement block that seems to drag us down, making it harder to achieve the goals and health changes we want?


Just when we get the inspiration and courage to reach out and try something just for ourselves, then the very sabotaging and thoughts that have been holding us down seem to come up to the surface and seem louder. Why is it that when we are help ourselves the most that these thoughts feelings, emotions and physical symptoms seem to come out the strongest, like their is something working against us?


Well, here's the truth you may need to help you now and to remember later as you move into great wellness.


When we have stepped into our power and self help path, empowering and loving path, supporting ourselves. This is where our body works perfectly with us, eager to bring to the surface all the thoughts feelings and things that don't fit this path, that need to be cleared out. Your body, your unconscious begins the purging process acknowledging your shift, from the moment you take action. And sending an email is taking action, making an inquiry in a phone call is action. So if this has happened to you, please take a deep breath and remember, I am here to help you through this step and to help step out of this cloud of confusion that can result.


Have you heard of someone who felt sicker, smellier, and tired, initially when they began to take action in supporting their physical body to clear out some toxins?

Well, your emotional body works in the same way.


But it is true, it can be hard to tell the difference between the same old feelings and symptoms that are pushing against your wellness, and those  symptoms that are occurring from the affect of taking action to let go and release toxic loads.


Why does it feel the same?

Because it is the same, it is the same emotion, toxins that have been floating around and pushing to the surface repeatedly causing uncomfortable symptoms telling you something is not well. 


What is the difference? 

By giving the instruction (thought) to ourselves, instructions such as

 "I'm ready to move this",

 "I'm over this " 

"I'm past this" and so on


and then further strengthened this vibration by taken some action to support this thought, Your body, your unconscious it helping, by showing you what is closest to the surface, to move first.


Have you noticed that emotional and physical detoxing can happen just by stopping a toxic thought or activity? Stopping coffee, with out support, can lead to instant headaches, fatigue, irritation..with the right support, non of these symptoms occur and the body releases the surge of excesses with ease. In fact you feel better and feel the reward fast if not straight away.


Here's my question... 

Having taking action, even in thinking you could have more, something better. 

Are you now doing it the hard way? Feeling strangely punished for doing something that you know is inherently good for you, your body or mind or spirit??


If you would like a call to help you now, into your best next step.

Email me and we can set a perfect time.



Sonya Lee



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