My Most Popular Natural Beauty Tips

April 10, 2019

Lets start with the outside first!


Face First 


 One of the best and fastest ways to rejuvenate  your complexion, feel fresh and lighten the face is....

Natural yoghurt: I use what I have, which is Paris Creek local biodynamic natural yoghurt. Full Fat!! Of course other brands will do fine, just keep it Natural Yoghurt - if you're in a rush 5 minutes will do, if you have the time let it sit for 15 - 20mins and feed your skin the natural probiotics it loves.


Now to tighten and lift your skin!

Beat an egg white and if you are prone to drier skin add a few drops of a base oil, olive oil will do or use almond oil (any base oil is fine). Apply this to your skin and feel it quickly tighten up under the protein mask. leave for 10mins.  Wash away with a warm flannel.  


For even more great beauty tips that are so easy to apply, click the link below x

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